Monday, 14 November 2016


                                                         "Together we can face any challenges as 
deep as the ocean and as high as the sky." 
Sonia Gandhi. 

kits allies would be Elliot uncle Iggy and Mr Adams because they both understand her and what she is going through. They both try and make her comfortable and happy. Mr Adams also acts like a mentor to kit helping her as she goes.

Who is one person that your main character depends upon?
kit depends on her Mr Adams when she needs somebody to talk to when something goes wrong. 
Mr Adams is always there to cheer up kit in the worst of times. 

 How has this person helped to guide your character through the challenges they have faced on their journey?
Mr Adams help guide kit though her move to this new town where they live with there uncle iggy. kit had a very hard time leaving her Nan in parsons bay along with all of her old friends but Mr Adams made kit realize that new beginnings can be a good thing. She'll make new friends and partners and lovely people in kits new town.

crossing the threshold.

I will be riding about how kit crossed the threshold in the novel baygirl by heather smith. The moment that kit crossed the threshold when she moved and shortly after she accepted her first job from mr Adams to clean his floors very week. She escapes from her ordinary old for a small time every week a took a risk to enter a ne world so she could have a normal life like every other kid in her town. Her old world was to abusive and unhealthy for her to stay there but those problems still exist she can't be totally free from her family and d whatever she wants. This shows that if your in a rough part of your life you can get out and better provide for yourself and it's ok to take chances to change that.

The ordinary world

Kits ordinary world is unconventional du to the fact that she lives in a small communist with her alcoholic father and sad mother. Kits life gets turned around when her father losses his job and they have to live with her uncle iggy In a much larger town and go to a new school while her mother gets a new job to provide for her family.
The pressures kit faces and the longing pain and sorrow leads her into a call to adventure and she makes a new freind who becomes her mentor.
Kit leaps to a job opportunitie from mr Adams for cleaning his floors for ten dollars a week because she wanted to get out of the house and not be poor anymore.Low pay or non at all she was happy to have a job and make money while getting out of the house.

Meeting the mentor

 Mr Adams is kits mentor after kit moved she hasn't had her nan to go to when something goes wrong.  so she's been going acros the street to mr Adams who is a willing nice and understanding old man, they have tea together and talk things out and then when everything's cooled down at home and kits done having her tea and biscuits she heads home. Mr Adams is a significant reason kit knows how to deal with her problems. He always know how to cheer her up.